Artist: Luca Campigotto



Born in Venice in 1962 and lives between Milan and New York City. After earning a master’s degree in modern history with a thesis on the era of great geographical discoveries, he is specialized in the photography of landscapes and architecture, linked to the theme of travel. He has conducted research projects on Venice, Rome, Naples, London, New York, Chicago, the route of the Casbahs in Morocco, Angkor in Cambodia, the desert of Atacama in Chile, India, Patagonia, Easter Island, China, Yemen, Iceland, Iran, and Lapland.

“Campigotto slows the process of photographing down by using large-format digital backs (as he used to use large-format film cameras) and lets his apparatus gather as much information as possible.

He seeks to approach that other, older temporal velocity perhaps in the hope that a wider trace of time might be arrested in his images and that this trace can stand as a fuller testimony to what has been.