Artist: Fabio Bianco



Fabio Bianco was born in Venice in 1971 and graduated from the prestigious Academia di Belle Arti there in 1995, where he focused his research on reflective light in interior spaces, with attention to architectural elements.

Fabio Bianco’s work inspires something new in the realm of contemporary painting, with saturated and blurred fields of color and nearly dizzying skews that toy with depth perception. The glamorized and enigmatic baroque interiors flirt with the fantastical as well as hearken to often heard complaints of media overload in a global culture of decadence and relentless advertising.

At the same time, his dazzling use of a full spectrum renders depth within the antique space of theaters and private salons. He extends an invitation into an at once familiar and beguiling world splintered with refracted light of chandeliers. He frequently features towering and fanciful cakes, or they appear in backgrounds as they compound a frivolity and a freedom of the imagination with ideations of abandon and celebration.

Bianco’s work in many regards is a return to paint, with a healthy love of the medium and a pulling away from the current fashion of hyper-realism. We, the viewers, are invited to step away from what we can analyze in the razor-sharp lines of photo-exact images so impressively reflected from the brushes of Gerhard Richter and Karin Kneffel, and to move instead into a place of smeary, imaginative freedom. But freedom comes with a price and responsibility, and because of this, Bianco’s work also assumes a contemporary social commentary.